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Finisterre- walked 8km

Finisterre- walked 8km
Fisterra, Spain


Fisterra, Spain
Stayed in: Mar de Fora

Still hating this albergue, La Paz! The light in the bathroom stall is pitch and the light doesn’t work, in addition to being filthy there is no toilet paper! Ugh! We packed up, headed to the supermarcado for lunch and dinner items.

Moved into new alb, Mar de Fora, 10 euros with our own single beds in our own room with a bathroom! Score! A really lovely place and as close as we could get to hippie beach (beach on Atlantic side).

After settling in the girls went to the beach, Stew and I decided to hike to the lighthouse… This is the spot of “the end of the world“. About 2.5 hike up by road. Beautiful but oddly not what I expected. A bit touristy, with souvenir vendors etc. a few pilgrims, but more tourists. Stew and I decided to hike back down via a hidden path on the Atlantic side. A little rough at times, you had to go up the mountain before you started moving down toward town. Probably about 5 or 6 km. took us over two hours to hike down but so much better than the road. I am surprised they have the Camino arrows directing the road way… The path feels more right! This path brought us near hippie beach so we took a swim, girls were still there.

The girls made a friend, Roland. He walked with his donkey and is staying in our albergue (along with a horseback rider). This is the second guy we have seen walking with a donkey.

After a cool off we all headed in to make dinner, fish & clams with roasted veggies. This albergue had a grill so we grilled all the food outside. Had a wonderful dinner! Stew headed back to the beach to set up camp for the sunset. We girls got cleaned up and joined him. Beautiful sunset!

When we returned to the albergue around 11:00, the horse guy offered to let Kim ride his horse the next day. He and a guy with a donkey were staying here. We had seen the horse guy the day before at the beach during sunset. He rode the horse the entire Camino. Super nice guy, sort of a caricature of what you would think a Spanish horse man would look like. Really nice day today!

Buen Camino!

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