Intentional Pilgrim

Santiago – bused back to Santiago

Santiago – bused back to Santiago
Santiago de Compostela, Spain


Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Stayed in: The Last Stamp
Girls Stayed in: Youth Hostel

I am so glad we decided to stay in Finisterre. So many people were rushing to see Muxia or the other little towns. I am sure they were very neat, but it was nice to sit back and enjoy Finisterre. Two wonderful sunsets, beaches, bakeries, the end of the world- we enjoyed it all!  I think we would have stayed longer at Finisterre instead of going to Cangas… maybe next time!

Today stew and I took the 11:45 bus back to Santiago. The girls wanted to go to the lighthouse today so they took the 3:00 bus. The ride is about 2.5 -3 hours long and quite twisty. I was afraid since I did not bring any snacks if I started feeling sick ugh. It went fine! Our bus was double decker so we sat on the cove side, 2nd level. Great view as we drove through all the little towns.

Before we left Finisterre we did get a wonderful fresh pastry from a German Paneria. You know, to help keep my stomach settled-lol.

We purchased our train tickets to Pontevedra (near Cangas) and found a new albergue called “the last stamp”. It is wonderful! It has little pods sort of, for each bunk. There are lockers and it is really clean.

We headed out to walk around and get tapas at my favorite bar across from pilgrim office. We happen to run into Al and Sandy Stone from Williamsport, PA. They were part of the crew we started with. We had a nice chat and then headed to the pilgrim museum. Very cool photos on first floor. Worth the 1.50 entrance price! More window shopping, got gelato, food for morning and headed in around 11:00. Stew actually finally has a foot problem, well other than the odor of his sandals. The healof his foot is splitting, it is very painful and looks deep. He gets this every summer when his feet get dry. Probably caused by the sand on beach in Finisterre. So he soak them and treated his wound. I of course still have several wounds that are still healing.

Looking forward to Cangas tomorrow! I am starting a post camino blog for the Cangas trip…. Look for entries coming soon!

Buen camino!

A few pictures from the other pilgrim museum in Santiago, taken in the morning before we left…