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Rode the bus to Finisterre

Rode the bus to Finisterre
Fisterra, Spain


Fisterra, Spain
Stayed in: La Paz– Worst albergue we stayed in!!

Here I sit by the sea side looking off at the mountains in the distance and the blue green water in front of me. Other than the sand furiously blowing into my face, this would be heaven! Did I mention how blue the sky is?

We decided to add some days to our coastal experience and decided to ride the bus to Finisterre or Fisterre as it is called here. We grabbed the first alb when we got off the bus, La Paz, and have a beautiful view from the ruins high on the rocky ledge.  Many of the hospilaros greet you when you get off the bus.  They have flyers and directions to their albergue.  We did not know where we wanted to stay and La Paz looked as good as any.  We may move to one closer to the beach tomorrow.

After getting settled we headed to find a beach. The girls and I found one on down the cove side. Blue water, nice sand, just beautiful! We stayed for the rest of the afternoon. Stew found the “hippie” beach (also called “sunset” beach) on the Atlantic side and an albergue we could move to for tomorrow.

We had a nice dinner in an area by the port. Spent the rest of the evening at hippie beach watching the sunset(10:30). It is really disorienting how light it is so late. You think it is 6:30 and it is 9:30. Back when we were walking and wanted to be in bed by 9:00, it was really hard! The Spanish all have these room darkening blinds attached to the windows. Once closed you feel like it is night time. Until then though it still feels really early.

It turns out that our albergue, La Paz, was horrible. About 40 pilgrims and not a spec of toilet paper in the place! It was filthy, shower was disgusting. I think it was the dirtiest one we stayed in.

For 10 euros we could have stayed several other places and plan to move tomorrow.

No walking today… Other than to the beach!

Buen Camino!

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