Intentional Pilgrim

Portos – walked 20 km

Palas de Rei – walked 20 km
Portos, Spain


Portos, Spain
Stayed in: A Paso de Formiga

Walk was pretty good today. Started with quite a steep climb. Then it leveled off and was a small up hill the rest of the way.

It started raining a bit the last few km. always wish we had walked faster since there is so much to do when it rains. We have to get out our coats and ponchos, cover our packs with our pack covers, then get the packs back on our backs, pick up poles… Just a lot of inconvenience. At this point the sky could open up or it could just sprinkle and be done ! Ugh. If we had just walked faster we would be at our albergue!

We made reservations and stayed at A Paso de Formiga in Portos. It has ant sculptures.. We are not sure why it is ants. A bit odd. This is a nice albergue. Small… Only 11 beds. Several from last night in Vilacha are also staying here.

We had a good dinner in the attached restaurant. Kim wasn’t felling well and decided to head to bed around 8:00. The rest of us turned in around 9:15. When you walk all day you are ready for sleep by 9!