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Ponferrada – walked 4 km

Ponferrada – walked 4 km
Ponferrada, Spain



Ponferrada, Spain
Stayed in: Santo Nicholas de la Flue

Arrived in Ponferrada around 11:30 after a really twisty bus ride. Stew and I were both extremely nauseated when we finally got off the bus.  Peter was still with us, he was not nearly as sick as we were.

While on the bus the girls texted they missed their bus. Unbelievable! Luckily they were able to grab another bus that would land them in Ponferrada later in the day.

We secured our beds in the albergue – Santo Nicholas de la Flue. It is a parochial municipal albergue. Nice. 4 people to a pod. So we have Stew and I and Peter and Geraldo from Brazil. The girls will get beds later when they arrive – just not with us.

It feels weird in an albergue having not walked. I was worried they would not let us stay. Most of the parochial albergue require that you walk and will check your stamps before you are admitted.

I hang my head so no one asks “how far did you walk today” or “where did you walk from”… I am terribly disappointed that we had to take the bus, but continue to pretend to be ok with it.

I am also upset for the villages we missed. We saw a little bit out the window on the bus. I am sure this sadness will pass once we start walking. I just feel so out of sorts right now.

Stew has hummus, cheese and crackers ready to eat and salmon patties and veggies and salad for dinner. Should cheer me up. Oh and we get to see a castle today!

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