Intentional Pilgrim

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There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.

– Charles Dudley Warner

The purpose of this website is still a bit fuzzy but it is my plan to blog about my spiritual journey as well as my physical journeys as I hike, walk, fly, and sail.  I plan to have information about exciting gear that I come across and cool hacks that could benefit you in the future.

If you checked out the “about me” page you know that I am a Computer Science Professor.  As I begin this blog in 2014, we are preparing to hike the Camino de Santiago.  The “we” includes : Myself, Stewart (my husband), Alyssa (oldest daughter, 23), Kimberly (daughter, 19).  Cole (11), my step-son, declined the invitation to hike 500 miles across Spain… he is after-all only 11!  Here are some snapshots of people you will see in upcoming blogs…



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