Intentional Pilgrim

Burgos – walked 2 km

Burgos – walked 2 km
Burgos, Spain



Burgos, Spain
Stayed in: Casa de Peregrino Emaus

A day of adjustments, adjusting plan and expectations! Alyssa was up all night really sick unbeknownst to me since I went to bed at 8:00. She woke me at 3:00 am thinking she should go to the hospital. Stew had a small bout of stomach issues a few days ago and we did get some medicine… Little white tablets, that did help.

Alyssa took the medicine and joined me in my bunk and eventually feel asleep. Morning came too quick for both of us and she was still sick and weak. We decided no walking. Too boot, Alyssa and Kim had left all their clothes on the line and it rained all night. The albergue attendant took the clothes and put them in the dryer which was in the albergue owner’s house. While the clothes were drying the owner left to go somewhere. So we had to hangout in the albergue for him to get home so we could get our clothes – UGH. It was a long morning since we were just sitting on benches waiting for our clothes.

We took a hard look at the distance we still needed to cover and our walking history, and the pain and sickness currently upon us and made a decision to alter our plans. We decided to take the noon bus to Burgos (hanging our heads in shame)… Lay low the rest of the day in Burgos.

And so we did…

While waiting for the bus we started a conversation with a Spanish woman. She was really friendly and we were all laughing because we had such trouble communicating. She was concerned that the girls were too cold – it was a cold, rainy, windy day. After about 15 minutes of her trying to communicate the layers she was wearing by basically undressing, we determined that she had some dementia issues. Her husband kept trying to get her to stop undressing. It was all rather funny and put us in a better mood. Stew gave her one of our hand warmers and she was thrilled.

We finally arrived at Burgos and went in search of the Albergue de Peregrinos Emaus. We finally found it and rang the bell… The nun was ready to turn us away because we had not walked today, but she saw our faces (it had been a long night and day!) and she invited us in. What a fabulous place . Our own room for Alyssa to recover.

Once we were checked in, Stew and Kim took off to explore and take pictures. Alyssa and I decided to nap since we had been up much of last night.

Noel, the nun, took very good care of Alyssa and cooked her a simple dinner of rice and bouillon. We had a wonderful communal meal, pilgrim mass and group prayer time. One of the women had her pack stolen today- what a terrible thing! Good reminder for all of us to watch our stuff always!

Tomorrow we will explore Burgos and head to Leon.  Hoping Alyssa will be well by morning.