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Belarado – walked 16.5km

Belarado – walked 16.5km
Belorado, Spain



Belorado, Spain
Stayed in: Cuatro Cantones Albergue

We got a later start out of Granon since we stayed for breakfast. Walked the first few km with Sara and Sabrae from Texas. Nice girls that people miss took for Kim and Alyssa while we were in Granon. Several people asked them if they were the girls from America traveling with their parents… they actually looked a little like Kim and Alyssa.

The walk was hard, feet still hurt even with new insoles. But we did make it by 12:30 to our albergue.

We stayed in Cuatro Cantones Albergue which was nice and has a kitchen, garden and heated “indoor” pool! We paid for girls beds and they arrived around 3:30. Very happy to see them. We walked to the edge of town to greet them.  It had been a few days.  We did hear reports from people that they had eaten dinner with the girls or passed them along the trail.  But it was nice to finally see them with our own eyes.  once a mother, always a mother!

Stew and I decided to site see a bit around town and hiked to the rock at the top of the hill. Wonderful view!

Made a nice fish, asparagus and salad for dinner. Silas joined us as he and Peter were in the same albergue on the second floor. After dinner the kids and Stew went swimming and I skyped with my parents.

We had very little strong wifi since my Dad’s birthday, so this was the first that I got to talk with them.  I was a little emotional as I was so tired and this was the first that I was able to talk about Stew and I getting married. (We had secretly gotten married on April 1, 2014 in a church at home with just our kids there.  No one in Erie knew about it and I was telling my parents as part of my Dad’s 75th birthday present.  This would be the first time he would get family news first!!  What else can you get a 75 year old man??)  It was a surprise and I included the announcement in Dad’s birthday card I mailed from Madrid. We had a nice Skype and I filled them in on the wedding details as they had been waiting to hear since opening Dad’s birthday card on May 25th.

After swimming the gang headed to a bar and I decided to go to bed. Needed the extra sleep as we planned to hike 30km tomorrow!

Well, unexpected issue… Alyssa was up all night vomiting etc. terrible stomach cramps. This will change our plans…

It also poured in the night and Kim and Alyssa forgot to bring all their clothes inside – so EVERYTHING is soaking wet!


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