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How do I transfer pictures from camera to iPhone?

How do I transfer pictures …
Erie, PA

Erie, PA

Today my mission is to review some apps for my iphone. I have just discovered that there is no easy way to transfer the pictures from my camera to the iphone… Who knew… So i am not sure how we will upload them to the cloud at this point. We have tons of sd cards, but the hope was to be able to copy pictures daily to the cloud.

Ahhh, the little details!

Stew and I plan to walk today. My knee ached all yesterday and i am truly worried about it. So many things to worry about as we anticipate the journey.

Alyssa is worrying about her asthma,

Kim is worried about being hungry,

Stew is worried he will have to carry everyone’s stuff.

I am worried my knees will be in pain all the time.

Funny, i am not as worried about my back, although i have been having tremendous pain in it each walk. The inner preparation is harder. I feel so all consumed with the physical preparations, walking, packing, purging items from the pack, planning our stays, investigating hostels, reviewing apps,… That i am completely distracted from the inner preparation. Although, in the quiet of the morning before Stew wakes up i lay there and think… And i know that is part of the Camino, finally having wide spaces to contemplate. I have many questions to mull over while i walk.

Question 1: how can i simplify my life?

Question 2: how can i make room for life when i am teaching?

I will add to this list as my days move closer to departure…