Intentional Pilgrim

Trinidad de Arre -walked 16.7

Trinidad de Arre -walked 16.7 km
Villava, Spain


Villava, Spain
Stayed in: Alb de Hermanos Marstas in Trinidada
Girls Stayed in: Pamplona

Today was pretty brutal. We (Stew and I) woke up very stiff.

Staying in a beautiful converted church… Hermanos Marstas Convent.   We have a lovely garden and wonderful gender specific bathrooms and separate private showers! Ahhh luxury!

Took showers and washed clothes… Always by hand in sinks… Very windy so things should get dry quickly today.

Wonderful pilgrims meal down the road. Met several new friends: Paulo from Italy, Ray from Australia, Tanica from ? Can’t remember; Steve from USA, Sidney from Texas, Alex from Illnois…

Really nice night, but I am really tired!