Intentional Pilgrim

Sarria- walked 5km

Sarria- walked 5km
Sarria, Spain


Sarria, Spain
Stayed in: Los Blasones alb.
Girls stayed in:  a pension East of the stairs

Well, we stopped for coffee on one side of town then pulpo on the other side… Looked like a storm so we booked a bed and decided to stay put!

Thankfully so, since the rain began and it was pouring! Girls still walking last I knew … Feeling bad, although they are booked into a hotel tonight in Sarria ( underwritten by gramma Z I believe. .. So one cannot feel too bad.)

As Stew and I meandered through Sarria before the rain, admiring the churches and murals, we happened on to a local market. The market area sold meat, cheese, veggies, fruit, clothes, and cattle. In addition there were large tents with tables and chairs selling food, specifically the Galician dish of Pulpo(octopus with spices). A little chewy, rich, but pretty good.

Since we saw it was getting stormy we decided to walk no further and take shelter at the Los Blasones alb. Very comfortable and for now just 5 of us in the main room: Paul and Gail from Austraila, another Australian and us. Pretty quiet. Stew ended up trapped at the supermarcado when the rain began… But finally made it back here.

Dinner will be fajitas, we have carried this dinner mix for several days with either no kitchen to cook or no store to buy the beans to fill the burrito shells. Finally we have both, but now the girls are not with us. Ce la vie…

We went out after the rain and walked around town – found the girls “Pension” – looked terrible (dirty and old) – turns out it was and they got soaking wet in the rain – even their shoes filled with water.


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