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Compression pants – part II

Compression pants part 2
Erie, PA

Erie, PA

So the compression pants arrived. They looked like they were for a Barbie doll! But I got them on after much tugging. Only hint provided was to wear socks when trying to get them on. Basically it is a gurtle that extends from your navel to your ankle. Felt pretty good. Saturday was the first walk with them… Monsoon downpour… I thought they were hard to get on… Getting them off while cold and soaked… Ugh. I think they worked tho. No knee braces and not a lot of pain.

Sundays walk was cold and raining off and on. They did not get drenched so I left them on for 30 minutes after I was home. Again, feeling good about them. Not sure if it is all wishful thinking at this point… Tomorrow will be a longer walk, that will be a better test.

Really want it to stop raining and be above 50 during at least a few walks!

Today I called about international medical coverage because you just never know. There is a website that outlines coverage

You can check this out if you are a blue high mark member.