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Viana – walked 18.7km

Viana – walked 18.7km
Viana, Spain



Viana, Spain
Stayed in: Municipal Albergue Andres Munoz

Short walk today … Started with a great breakfast at Casa De La Abuela. Best breakfast yet! Wonderful place to stay!

I felt pretty good this morning.  Even with my swollen foot. We left Los Arcos around 6:00, sprinkling rain that turned into pelting rain. We were due.  Even with the rain it was a good morning.

Girls caught up to us in Torre Del Rio. Walked with Alyssa a while.  Stew and I decided to stay in Viana … About 10km to Logrono, which would be the closest place for us to stay.  The girls decided to continue on.

We checked into the Municipal Albergue Andres Munoz for 6 euros and it is great.  We have 12 beds in our room, several people we know.  Eating lunch out, then we will cook dinner… Great stocked kitchen.

Viana is a very cute town. As you enter it is a little seedy, but then you get to the square and it becomes this very quaint stone village.  We stopped at a place labeled “piligrino oasis”… John is running the place and is from of all places Philly!

Well, off for some site seeing.

So I am writing again this morning… May 24th. It is 5:30am. No one is here in the cocina, kitchen. Something that they don’t tell you is how hard it is to get around in a dark room with a whole bunch of other sleepers. I have developed a system I am quite proud of and can be dressed and packed in 20 minutes… Pretty good in the dark! I hang everything on my head rail in the order I dress .. So, compression pants first,,, knee braces last. The most difficult are the compression pants and getting sleeping bag into compression bag. Once done I put everything into my reusable shopping bag that mom got me years ago and grab my pack and down the stairs I go. Loud packing done in the kitchen!

Buen Camno!

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