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La Faba – walked 17.7km – Intentional Pilgrim
Intentional Pilgrim

La Faba – walked 17.7km

La Faba – walked 17.7km
La Faba, Spain


La Faba, Spain
Stayed in: Alb. German Confraternity

We stopped in Vega de Valcarce for lunch… They had two markets! We camped out at a bench by the church and made our standard lunch sandwich.

Walking hard, a very steep uphill climb we made it to La Faba. The albergue was wonderful! They welcomed us with coffee, tea and biscuits!  Very busy place – there was a line and we were very afraid the girls would not make it before they filled up.

Once settled Stew and I went to the little market and bought items for pasta. Alyssa has been carrying gluten free bread and pasta so this could work for all of us. It is always busy in the albergue kitchen so we decided to get dinner done early and started cooking around 4:30. Btw girls arrived around 4:00, getting the last two beds in the main albergue. Most albergue have overflow space, but usually this is not preferred bedding!

Nice relaxing time. We are on the side of a mountain and almost into Galatia. The weather feels a bit cooler here. Tomorrow we have an extreme climb, bigger and badder than the first one thru the Pyrenees.

We awoke to rain and bitter cold! Not great for climbing a mountain. Everything was foggy. My hands were freezing before we even started! Hard to keep a smile with pelting sleety rain! Very hard morning!!




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