Intentional Pilgrim

Arca for lunch

Coffee Break and lunch
Arca, Spain


Arca, Spain

We left Arzua early, slept in our clothes to reduce morning time. Started walking by 6am. Seems no matter what we cannot cut time below an hour of getting out the door! But we do eat breakfast always… Oat bran, yogurt, coffee, banana… Really long walk this morning. But cool. We stopped at an Irish bar that was playing very lively Irish folk songs very loud! We had the best cupcakes… Filled with cream. Choc cupcake, chunks of white and dark choc, filled with choc cream… I mean awesome! Made the 4 hrs getting here seem ok! The bar owner showed us his old kitchen and made stew a great strong cup of coffee! He was in heaven!

On our way we ate lunch at a little bar on the edge of Arca. I had the best veggie sandwich ever! Then we walked again… We walked right by the end of an airport run way and a plane passed right over our heads… That was pretty cool!

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